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Plan Delivery offers a range of specific targeted services that can benefit organisations at various stages in the project development cycle. These services can be tailored to your individual requirements to ensure the best outcome for your business whether you’re a client, consultant or contractor.

Project Planning

Project Planning by plan Delivery

Reviewing and setting out the detailed plan of a construction project is a skill that is in short supply. Plan Delivery have planners who are experienced in developing the project plan from first principles and in communicating that plan in the form of programmes, phasing diagrams, sequencing diagrams and output curves. Plans that can be truly delivered.



Project Audit/Review

Project Audit by Plan Delivery

Reviewing the development, design or construction stage of a project is a service that Plan Delivery can offer to clients, consultants or contractors. Our staff are experienced at examining projects in detail and offering practical advice and tools to help the project get on and stay on track to deliver to the plan.



Programming within NEC

Programming witin NECMany construction projects are now let under the NEC suite of Contracts. This puts a great emphasise on planning and programme for the project administrator and contractor alike. Plan Delivery has considerable experience of planning under this form working for both parties and can bring that experience to any project.


Design Programming

Design Programming by Plan Delivery

Many construction professionals find design programming a very complex task. Plan Delivery staff will sit with your teams and break the programme down into deliverable tasks through the stages of the design process. This can be a real benefit in ensuring the team understands the design effort required to deliver to the client’s brief and to the project’s deliverable needs.



Training by Plan DeliveryMany organisations find their staff struggle with the project planning process and in developing plans that can actually deliver. This is often because they have never received any planning training. Plan Delivery uses experienced trainers who truly understand planning from first principles and how to link that plan to delivery. The training experience can be tailored to your organisation’s needs, be they front line operatives or management staff.




Forensic PlanningForensic Planning by Plan Delivery

Unfortunately some projects do end up in dispute and at this time it’s important to have good experienced professionals around you to help prepare your case. At Plan Delivery we offer planners with experience of analysing delay and all importantly presenting the facts as clearly and concisely as possible