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Plan D Unique Approach

Plan Delivery offers services that can be adapted to your organisation’s specific requirements and below we have laid out the unique approach we would adopt to ensure the successful delivery of projects to the original plan.

Project AuditPlan D Project Audit

The starting point in reshaping your planning system is normally to undertake a review of recently completed and ongoing projects, to assess the planning processes being utilised against any existing company standards and industry best practice. Plan Delivery will discuss the gap analysis with your management team and agree realistic objectives for a change programme.

Planning Systems

Plan Delivery approach, planning systems


Plan Delivery will prepare a tailored planning system for your company that reflects the specific way you undertake your business whilst adopting industry best practice in your planning processes. Importantly, your new system will not be a flat process it will follow our proactive approach to really link planning to delivery at all stages of the construction cycle




Training, part of Plan D approachNo matter how good the design of your new planning system the benefits will not be fully realised unless all staff involved are trained in their understanding of the basic planning principles employed and their role in the new processes to be adopted. Depending on the scale of your operations this can be undertaken either as end user training or “train the trainer” courses.


Change Management

Plan D Approach change Management

Any change programme always brings with it some degree of risk. Plan Delivery, working with your management team, will prepare a prioritised change strategy to ensure that the roll-out is controlled and delivered at a timescale to suit individual projects and business units.