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Plan Delivery has been created by Graham Robertson, previously the Head of Planning for Bovis Graham Robertson, Plan DeliveryLend Lease UK, to revitalise the approach to construction planning in the UK and bring about a step change in the way that the British construction industry undertakes construction projects.

Plan Delivery provides a proactive approach to planning really linking the project development cycle to delivering the project. The advantages of adopting this approach are that communications between the end client and the delivery team, in all its guises, are significantly improved, saving valuable time, eliminating unnecessary project rework costs and enhancing your company’s profitability. Couple this with certainty of delivery and enhanced end client satisfaction and you have a formula for success.

The construction industry in the UK and Europe operates in a highly competitive and cost sensitive market yet the planning processes adopted by a lot of the companies - both contractors and consultants - in this market are at best inconsistent and disconnected. Project delivery is often fraught by failure to effectively communicate requirements, poor schedule adherence frequently resulting in dispute and contractual arbitration and a costly forensic analysis phase where the lessons learnt are seldom fed back into the planning process for subsequent projects. As a result mistakes are repeated, time and money is wasted and goodwill lost. This is where Plan Delivery can bring in expertise to assist both during the dispute and importantly afterwards to feedback planning improvements within the business.